Las mejores canciones de LP que no faltaran en el VL

La vigésima presentación del festival Vive Latino está a punto de presentarse. El Foro Sol se llenará con bandas que lo harán vibrar con sus canciones, y una de ellas es LP.

Seguramente has escuchado Lost on You, ya que es la más popular de Laura Pergolizzi. Además de ésta, hay una lista de canciones que enamorarán tus oídos y te harán sentir el feeling de LP.

Es momento de que te empieces a preparar para el Vive Latino. Así que, te compartimos 15 canciones de LP que escucharás en este festival para que las cantes a todo pulmón.

Vete alistando, porque tendrás un fin de semana lleno de mucha adrenalina musical. No sólo pienses en las canciones que washawearás, sino en tu outfit perfecto para el festival Vive Latino.

  1. Lost on You: “Hold me like you never lost your patience, tell me that you love me more than hate me all the time”.
  2. When We’re High:Oh when we’re high, Oh my God, you blow my mind. So let’s get high,
    live until we die, yeah. You and I, -You and I-“.
  3. Forever for Now: Stay while the melody’s sung, break like a wave on the run.
    I do be sure I can’t say anymore”.
  4. Girls Go Wild: Take my love, take my soul, you just take what you can.
    When we fuck now, it feels like you don’t understand”.
  5. Recovery: I know you wanna say you’re sorry, but I don’t wanna hear that story.
    I don’t wanna be your fool anymore”.
  6. Other People: We had a love devout without a shred of doubt
    We never worried ’bout other people”.
  7. Suspicion: Suspicion, suspicion, how you’ve changed my heart.
    Suspicion, suspicion, unchain my heart”.
  8. Tightrope:We’re walking the tightrope, high in the sky
    we can see the whole world down below”.
  9. Tokyo Sunrise: I think I lost your scent after the rain
    I’ll find you when our paths cross by the gold mines”.
  10. Muddy Watters: Don’t fail me now, put your arms around me and pull me out
    I know I’m found with your arms around me, oh save me now”.
  11. Into the Wild: Somebody left the gate open, you know we got lost on the way.
    Come save us a runaway train gone insane, how do we, how do we not fade?”.
  12. Wasted Love: There was something in the way you turned me on
    All the pretty words you said fell through my fingers just like sand”.
  13. Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol: When you can’t remember and you can’t forget,
    And you want to change, but you haven’t yet and… We all turn back in the end”
  14. Strange: Anyone can get love, anyone can get laid.
    You know you’re home when you find the ones who stay”.
  15. Someday:Cause someday they’ll try to break, you break you,
    but baby I won’t let em take you, take you away”.

Por Flor Vega Castillo

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