Autumn Pet Behavior Changes: Be prepared!


As the leaves start to turn and the air becomes crisper, autumn casts its enchanting spell on us all. However, have you ever wondered how this season affects your furry friends? 

In this article by Wellix, we will unravel the mysteries of fall-induced pet behavior shifts and provide you with valuable insights into caring for your pets during this magical time of the year.

Why Autumn Affects Pet Behavior

As the leaves change and temperatures drop, autumn’s influence on your pets becomes evident. Discover how shifting seasons impact their habits and well-being.

Temperature and Comfort

The drop in temperature during autumn can significantly impact your pets. As the days become cooler, you may notice your dog seeking out warm spots or your cat curling up for longer naps. Understanding their need for warmth and comfort can help you provide a cozy environment.

Daylight and Circadian Rhythms

Autumn brings shorter daylight hours, which can affect your pet’s daily routines. Cats and dogs often adjust their sleep patterns to match the changing light, so don’t be surprised if they become more active during the day and sleep longer at night.

Seasonal Allergies

Just like humans, pets can experience seasonal allergies. Fall allergens such as ragweed and mold can lead to itching, sneezing, and discomfort in your pets. Keep an eye out for signs of allergies, and consult your veterinarian if needed.

Common Autumn Pet Behavior Changes

Fall brings not only falling leaves but also notable shifts in your pet’s behavior. Explore the common changes they undergo during this enchanting season.

Increased Shedding and Coat Maintenance

Autumn is a season of shedding for many pets. Dogs and cats often shed their summer coats to make way for thicker, warmer fur. Regular grooming can help manage the excess fur and keep your home clean.

Altered Appetites and Dietary Adjustments

Some pets may experience changes in their appetite during autumn. Cooler weather might lead to increased hunger in an effort to store energy for warmth. Adjust their diet accordingly and provide healthy, hearty meals.

Changes in Activity Levels

With milder temperatures, autumn is an ideal time for outdoor activities. Many pets become more active during this season, so take advantage of the pleasant weather with longer walks and playtime in the yard.

Behavioral Shifts – Mood and Playfulness

The fall season can bring out the playful side in your pets. The crisp air and rustling leaves can spark their curiosity and energy, leading to more joyful interactions and entertaining antics.

autum pet behavor changes
If you see your friend acting “weird” don’t worry it may be the season. /Source: Unsplash

Preparing Your Pets for Autumn

Prepare your pets for autumn’s arrival by understanding their needs. From grooming tips to dietary adjustments, ensure their comfort and health throughout the season.

Grooming Tips for Fall

Regular grooming sessions can help control shedding and keep your pet’s coat in top condition. Brushing not only reduces fur buildup in your home but also strengthens the bond between you and your pet.

Adjusting Their Diet

Consider your pet’s nutritional needs in the cooler weather. Consult your veterinarian for guidance on any necessary dietary adjustments to ensure your pet stays healthy and maintains a suitable weight.

Keeping Them Active

Take advantage of the pleasant fall weather by engaging in outdoor activities with your pets. Whether it’s a hike in the woods or a game of fetch in the park, staying active together can strengthen your bond.

Creating a Comfortable Space

As the evenings get cooler, provide your pets with a warm and comfortable space inside. Ensure they have cozy bedding, and consider a heated pet bed for extra warmth.

Seasonal Safety Concerns

While autumn holds many delights, it also presents safety challenges for pets. Learn about Halloween hazards, cold weather precautions, and the importance of pet-safe environments.

Halloween Hazards

Halloween can be a fun time, but it also comes with potential dangers for pets. Keep chocolate, candy, and decorations out of reach, and consider a safe and quiet space for your pet during trick-or-treating.

Preventing Cold Weather Health Issues

Protect your pets from the cold by providing appropriate shelter and clothing if necessary. Check for signs of frostbite or hypothermia, especially in smaller or short-haired breeds.

Awareness of Toxic Plants

Fall may bring toxic plants like mushrooms and certain berries into your pet’s environment. Familiarize yourself with these hazards and keep your pets away from them during walks or outdoor play.

Autumn Activities for Pets

Celebrate the season with your pets by engaging in exciting autumn activities. From outdoor adventures to cozy indoor play, discover ways to make fall memorable for your furry companions.

Fall Adventures – Hiking and Exploring

Take your dog on hikes or nature walks to enjoy the changing foliage. Cats can also benefit from outdoor exploration with a leash and harness.

Cozy Indoor Playtime

On rainy or chilly days, engage your pets with interactive toys and indoor games to keep their minds and bodies active.

Halloween Costume Fun

If your pet enjoys dressing up, consider safe and comfortable Halloween costumes. Just make sure they don’t restrict movement or cause stress.

Thanksgiving Treats for Pets

While enjoying your Thanksgiving feast, remember to treat your pets with pet-friendly goodies. Avoid sharing harmful foods like turkey bones or foods seasoned with onions or garlic.


Embracing the beauty of autumn with your pets can deepen the bond between you and your furry companions. By understanding their unique needs and behaviors during this season, you can ensure that they enjoy a safe and joyful fall. So, step outside and revel in the wonders of autumn together with your beloved pets.


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