Best Friends: They Matter More Than You Think

Best friends are a special kind of friend. They are the people we turn to when we need a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or a laugh. But what makes best friends different from other friends? And why do they matter so much? In this article, we’ll explore the meaning, significance, and rarity of best friends.

Defining True Best Friends 

What are true best friends? Well, there are these humans that we trust the most—the ones we can confide in and rely on. They know us better than anyone else and love us despite our flaws. They are the people we call in the middle of the night when we need help or advice. Unlike regular friends or acquaintances, our best friends are our chosen family, the people with whom we want to share our lives.


Their Significance

They are more than just people we hang out with. They play a significant role in our lives by providing emotional support, companionship, and a sense of belonging. Best friends are the people who understand us and make us feel seen and heard. They are our partners in crime, our co-conspirators, and our cheerleaders.

Best friends are special because they bring so much joy and meaning to our lives. They make us laugh, they challenge us, and they help us grow. Best friends are there for us through thick and thin, and they never judge us for our mistakes. They offer us unconditional love and support, and they help us navigate life’s ups and downs.


Can There Be Two Best Friends? 

Debunking the myth of the one and only is crucial. Some people believe that there can only be one best friend, but this is a myth. We can have multiple ones, and in fact, it’s healthy to have a diverse group of close friends. Having multiple best friends allows us to get different perspectives, experience different types of support, and enjoy different activities.


best friends

This is why having more than one best friend is a good thing. Having more than one best friend also means that we’re not relying on one person to meet all our needs. It can be a lot of pressure to expect one person to be everything to us. When we have multiple best friends, we can spread out the emotional labor, which is good for everyone.


Their Rarity 

Are best friends rare? Best friends are rare in the sense that they are not easy to find. Best friendships take time and effort to cultivate, and they require a level of vulnerability that not everyone is comfortable with. It’s also true that not everyone is looking for a best friend. Some people are content with casual friendships, and that’s okay.

But sometimes we struggle to maintain our best friendships. The reason is that friendships can be difficult because they require effort and attention. As we grow older and our lives get busier, it can be challenging to make time for our loved ones. Additionally, life changes such as moving, starting a new job, or getting into a romantic relationship can impact this aspect of our lives.

Despite the challenges, best friendships are worth the effort. They bring so much joy and meaning to our lives, and they can help us through some of our toughest moments. It’s important to nurture and cherish our best friendships, to make time for them, and to show our appreciation for our friends.


Perfect Best Friends: Do They Exist?

Who is the perfect best friend? There’s no such thing as a perfect best friend. Everyone has flaws and imperfections, and our friends are no exception. In fact, part of what makes best friends so special is their ability to accept us for who we are, flaws and all. These unique people for us are the ones who love us despite our imperfections, who challenge us to be better, and who support us through our struggles.

If we’re too focused on finding the perfect best friend, we may miss out on the amazing friendships that are already in our lives. By accepting our friends for who they are, flaws and all, we create space for authentic and meaningful relationships.


Life is constant change…

Best friendships can last a lifetime, but they can also change over time. People grow and change, and our friendships may evolve as a result. It’s important to be open to the possibility that our friendships may change but also to keep the memories and experiences we’ve shared.

Like any relationship, best friendships have their ups and downs. There may be times when we feel closer to our friends and times when we feel more distant. It’s important to communicate with our friends during these times, to work through any issues, and to reaffirm our commitment to the friendship.

And sometimes, despite our best efforts, a friendship may come to an end. This can be painful and difficult, but it’s important to remember that it’s okay to let go of friendships that no longer click us. It’s important to honor the memories and experiences we’ve shared and to allow ourselves time to grieve this loss.


Where Does the Concept of “Best Friend” Come From?

The concept of “best friend” has been around for centuries, and it has evolved over time. In ancient Greece, the philosopher Aristotle wrote about the importance of friendship and its different types. In the Middle Ages, knights and nobles had close friendships that were based on loyalty and honor.

How has it evolved over time? In modern times, the concept of best friends has become more widespread and more popular. With the rise of social media and the internet, it’s easier than ever to connect with people who share our interests and values. Best friendships are now celebrated in movies, TV shows, and books, and they are a big part of popular culture.


Best Friends Around the World

While the concept of best friends exists in many cultures, it’s not universal. In some cultures, such as in parts of Africa, friendships are viewed as a collective responsibility rather than an individual choice.

In some cultures, such as in Latin America, friendships are viewed as a crucial part of community life. In other cultures, such as Japan, friendships are seen as a key to personal growth and self-discovery. By exploring the different ways that cultures view and value friendship, we can gain a greater appreciation for the diversity of human experience.

By comparing how different cultures view and value friendship, we can gain a broader perspective on what it means to be a good friend. We can learn from the strengths and weaknesses of different cultural approaches, and we can gain a greater appreciation for the power and importance of best friendships in our own lives.


How to be a Great Best Friend Yourself

Being a great best friend requires effort and intention. It means being loyal and trustworthy, communicating openly and honestly, showing empathy and support, celebrating successes and sharing challenges, making time for each other. By being a great best friend yourself, you can help cultivate and strengthen the best friendships in your life.

Tips for Being a Great Best Friend

Being a great best friend requires effort and intention. Here are some tips to help you be the best best friend you can be:

  • Be loyal and trustworthy: Keep your promises and be there for your friend when they need you. 
  • Communicate openly and honestly: Be willing to share your thoughts and feelings, and be receptive to your friends as well. 
  • Show empathy and support: Listen actively, offer encouragement, and be a source of comfort when your friend needs it. 
  • Celebrate successes and share challenges: Be there to celebrate your friend’s accomplishments, and offer support when they face difficulties. 
  • Make time for each other: Prioritize your friendship and make time to spend together, even if it’s just a quick phone call or text message.


There’s No Life Without Them

They are more than just friends. They are the people we turn to when we need support, encouragement, or just a good laugh. These special people know us best, accept us for who we are, and help us grow into the best version of ourselves. Best friendships are rare and valuable, and they require effort and intention to maintain. By being a great best friend yourself, you can help cultivate and strengthen the best friendships in your life. Remember, the power of best friends in our lives is immeasurable, and we should embrace and celebrate them every chance we get.


By Alonso Ruíz

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